Hi my name is Graeme Selby from Global Leak Solutions & we are happy to introduce a new product we have developed for the Leak Detection Industry. We call it the AR100. It has been designed with the express purpose of locating leaks in domestic & semi commercial, commercial & industrial underground water pipes & swimming pools.

It accomplishes this by mixing air from a compressor with the water from the mains supply at the same time in a controlled environment to create an audible noise that can be heard with specialized sound listening devices. It is capable of finding leaks as small as 2 – 5 litres per hour.

The concept of AR100 was designed by Matthew Selby who has been a licenced plumber for over 15 years from the Mackay Whitsunday area in North Queensland. Mackay was one of the first places in the world to trial a new smart meter system with the aid of a device called an Auto Meter Reader (AMR). The AMR device, married with locally developed software (MyH20) revolutionised the way local authorities read water meters and keep on top of water conservation.

This device enabled every individual home owner, business owner and real estate to be able to monitor their water usage online for free. When a leak or change in water consumption is noted, Mackay Regional Council will send SMS or email notifications to the owner within 6 hours of the software tracing the leak. Even if the owner is not registered on their own online portal, the system still notifies the local authorities and they will issue them with a letter in the mail. The local authorities issue an average of 1500 letters in the mail each month and that does not include the automated alerts each month. These figures stem from only 40,000 AMR devices installed on local properties.

Mackay alone is said to be losing 360,000 litres per day due to minor leaks on properties. Many of the reported leaks are very small, some as small as 2 litres per hour, which is not detectable with traditional methods of leak detection. As you are probably aware, traditionally other leak detection businesses are called to find a leak for one of two reasons; the home owner receives an excessively large water consumption bill, or, the owner of the property sees considerable evidence that water is rising to the surface either through cracks or joins in the concrete or a large green patch in their lawn.

The leaks that we have the opportunity of locating in Mackay are extremely small and cannot be found without the device we have developed, the AR100. AMR devices are now beginning to be installed in other towns in Australia & all over the world, changing the leak detection industry and creating a market for a leak detection device that can find any leak, no matter how large or small.