Leak Detection Equipment Supplies

The “AR100” from Global Leak Solutions for use in detecting leaks in underground water pipes in domestic, semi commercial, commercial & industrial installations & swimming pools.

Full Professional Leak Detection Trailer 

Comes complete with everything needed to detect leaks in underground water pipes & swimming pools including the AR100 from Global Leak Solutions, sonar listening equipment, compressor & all the extra fittings, hoses etc. that will make you stand out as professional leak detection technician. (contact us)

Leak Detection Training 

Full onsite training using the AR100 device from Global Leak Solutions. (contact us)

Leak Detection Services

Companies using the AR100 leak detection device from Global Leak Solutions.

Mackay – All Plumbing & Leak Detection (APLD) (Contact 0405456743)

Gold Coast – FIND-A-LEAK  (Contact 0755299759)

They are guaranteed to find any leak big or small. Call them for a free quote to find your leak or to ask then about the AR100 from Global Leak Solutions.

Wholesale & Retail Business Opportunities – If you are looking for a new product line in the plumbing or leak detection industry that absolutely no one in the world has, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Or if you’re looking for an investment opportunity for distributing in Australia or Overseas again please give us a call. (Contact Us)