A200 Series

(AKA: The Rolls Royce)

Options Include:

  • Comfortable lap belt for receiver system reducing muscle strain.
  • Large easy read colour touchscreen display.
  • Advanced D.S.P Technology reduced noise and improved filtering.
  • Intuitive software to assist in selecting the right microphone type.
  • Advanced analysis and filtering technology.
  • Save leak recording functions with last 7 readings recorded.
  • Save results for future reference.
  • UM-200 universal microphone for external and internal leak detection
  • TS-200 Cordless handle & BM-200 hard surface microphone
  • Sewerin Advanced F8 SDR Cordless headphones
  • Hard case – houses all Sewerin microphone range
  • Cordless TM-200 contact
  • BM-230 rough surface microphones
  • Note: The Aquaphon 200 comes in a variety of optional kits to suit your needs. Options include the domestic, professional, and custom kits.  Please contact GLS for more information.