AR100 Air Manifold System


  • Parker Legris Panel mount ball valves
  • Norgren Regulator
  • Male Nitto style connection for air
  • Tested dual check valve to protect air compressor and regulator
  • Internal manifold system that creates an audible sound when leak is ready to be detected
  • Brass BSP fittings to convert most water points to a ½ inch male outlet
  • 1500mm flexible hose to connect AR100 to any water point
  • Stainless steel Bourdon gauge to show water and air pressure
  • Polyurethane base for soundproofing and noise transfer prevention
  • Powder coated aluminum box for ultimate strength
  • Operating manual
  • Heavy duty safe case for easy transport

The AR100 has been developed by Global Leak Solutions for the express purpose of locating leaks in underground water pipes. It accomplishes this by mixing air from a compressor with the water from the mains supply to create an audible noise that can be heard with specialized sound listening devices.
The AR100 internal manifold system achieves this by supplying the air into a pressurised water system in a fully controlled environment, to the desired water pipes without harming the existing plumbing or the equipment (compressors etc.) that is connected to it. The AR100 is so reliable in its ability to create audible noise that it can aid in locating leaks as small as 10 litres per/hr (166ml/minute). It has a tested dual check valve fitted in the manifold, so it is not possible for water to travel into your airline, or compressor.
The AR100 achieves 3 distinct purposes in the leak detection process:
1) Locates the water pipelines due to the constant sound of air travelling through the pipework.
2) Makes an audible sound once the leak is ready to be located.
3) Makes an audible sound at the point of the leak so that its operator can locate the leak using conventional microphone equipment.