Leak Detection made EASY!


  • The complete control system used by Leak Detection experts around the world.
  • Makes learning leak detection much easier
  • Designed to suit the needs of every sort of leak detection field by:
    • Injecting engineered air slugs into the pipe to locate both the water pipe and the leak in one quick process with Acoustic Equipment
    • Instant water reduction control for properties that have very high pressure and need reducing during the leak detection process
    • Controlling water flow pressure on properties with water pumps while injecting air slugs to locate the pipe and leak in one process
    • Locating water pipes without the need of a thumper 
    • Blending Tracer Gas with air to allow tracer gas to last up to 10 times longer
    • Locating pool pipe leaks using low pressure set and forget mixing with air slugs and water control
    • Blending Nitrogen and air into Fire Services lines to locate both the pipe and the water leak in one process
    • Rural property water pump line leaks
  • Alerts the operator when the leak is ready to be located with the perfect water/air ratio
  •  Allows operator to conduct an instant pressure test on the property
  •  3 mode functions and mixes can be used simultaneously
  •  2 x dual check valves for precise fluid, air, and gas control to prevent cross contamination of fluids and pressures
  •  1 x High pressure gauge for mains water leaks
  •  1 x Low pressure gauge for pool, rainwater, and bore pump lines
  • Both gauges interchangeable and can be quickly changed 
  • USA compatible devices available on order (NPT fittings)
  •  3 Year factory warranty guarantee on internal parts and enclosure (Conditions apply)

The AWR200 has been designed and manufactured by Global Leak Solutions for the express purpose of simplifying the water leak detection process for leak detection experts in any field. Becoming the new successor to its little brother (AR100), the AWR200 is the missing link between your equipment and the water leak itself. Whether you use tracer gas, bottled air, or an air compressor, the AWR200 is your best friend because It makes your desired option even easier to control. If you use tracer gas, the AWR200 gives you the option to drastically reduce the amount of tracer gas you use on each job. This means your tracer gas bottles will go much further so you do not have to refill or replace them as often. This process is aided by the use of process needle valves, world-class regulators, a 2nd compressed air chamber, and a tracer gas flow meter for those who choose the tracer gas optional extras kit. If you use acoustic equipment, the AWR200 enables you to inject air slugs using compressed air to allow you to locate the pipe and the water leak at the same time. The AWR200 now also has a third chamber with a dedicated water regulator. Why? So you can inject your own water source at your desired water pressure. This comes in extra handy when mixing air and water into swimming pools or houses that do not have constant flow pressure due to water pumps. 

With acoustic equipment, the AWR200 will allow you to locate leaks as small as 166ml/minute. With Tracer gas, the AWR200 will enable you to locate water leaks that are extremely small. The benefits of purchasing this modern technology go further than just making leaks easier to locate, you are connected with leak detection experts. You can contact Global Leak Solutions or any of our distributors if you need assistance with locating any type of water leak.

Here at Global Leak Solutions, you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a ticket into a network team of leak detection and plumbing experts who are with you every step of the way. To find out more about our innovative technologies in the leak detection industry, please call to ask us how our system can take your company to the next level.

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