The FLIR E54 is GLS’s personal favorite for all your plumbing leak detection needs. This model has serious capabilities that will make you elite in your industry.

Although we love our XT models, where they have limitations, the E54 goes the whole nine yards further giving you ultimate capabilities to diagnose internal water leaks fast. Something you will love about this unit is being able to take pictures very quickly at the property address and diagnose in your office at a later time. This amazing technology takes a picture in it’s entire thermal capabilities at the press of a button. This allows you to adjust the temperature overlays when conducting diagnostics in your office at a later date when you have time to do so.

For maintenance plumbers, this unit the best option in our opinion. It has the ability to locate water leaks from heavy weather events, internal concealed water pipes, compromised wet seal membranes, and much more. The FLIR E54 can also diagnose electrical, mechanical, and building problems with ease.  The 320 ×240 pixel thermal detector accurately measures temperatures up to 650°C (1202°F) and produces crisp, vibrant imagery that can be enhanced with patented FLIR MSX®technology for added detail and perspective. The onboard FLIR Inspection Route runs pre-planned routes to help you stay organized when surveying large or multiple locations. FLIR Ignite provides automatic uploading of E54 images directly from the camera to the cloud for easy, secure storage and sharing.

IR Resolution 320 × 240 pixels
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD <40 mK at 30°C (86°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of the reading
Digital Camera 5 MP, with built-in LED photo/video lamp
Storage Media Removable SD card
Display 4″, 640 × 480 pixel touchscreen LCD with auto-rotation