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Leak Detection Tech Develops with Smart H20 Meters

Discover how Global Leak Solutions is revolutionizing the water industry with our innovative leak detection technology. Our partnership with Taggle’s smart water meter solution and Global Leak Solutions is helping communities raise awareness on how to be future-ready regarding water security for a sustainable future. Read more about our Australian innovation in Inside Water magazine.

Revolutionary Pool Leak Tech will change the way we locate leaks in swimming pools.

New pool water leak tech at your finger tips

Introducing Pool Cube; the latest technological innovation in pool leak detection!

Pool Leak Detection Experts: we have exciting news for you! If, like us you’ve been waiting to locate swimming pool leaks fast, Pool Cube is here to help. Our innovative invention attaches easily to your pool’s suction or return pipe, emitting a constant audible sound that can be quickly and easily located using conventional acoustic leak detection equipment.

Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of searching for leaks in your pool. Pool Cube makes the process quick and easy, delivering peace of mind for pool owners everywhere. Keep an eye out for Pool Cube’s launch in June and transform the way you approach pool water leak detections.

Exciting new program coming soon to Global Leak Solutions

Pool Leak Detection Training COMING SOON

Get ready to dive into a groundbreaking opportunity! In the intricate world of leak detection, precision is paramount, and we’re thrilled to announce something truly exciting.

As a leading leak detection training and equipment company, we are thrilled to announce our plans for future expansion into the realm of pool leak detection training – a unique and niche offering. This specialised skill set is invaluable for pool service professionals looking to diversify or leak detection specialists seeking to broaden their expertise.

By enrolling in our training, you’ll acquire a distinctive advantage, serving as a unique selling point for you as pool service professionals.

Stay tuned for updates, and join us on this groundbreaking journey!