Leak Detection Training

Global Leak Solutions has developed Australia’s first interactive mains water leak detection training facility. In our full day course, you will learn in depth how to use your new Sewerin equipment. You will also learn how to carry out the complete leak detection process from start to finish. 

So, if you’re new to leak detection, no need to be concerned. You will leave our course with confidence knowing how to locate water leaks fast. If you can’t make it to Brisbane for training, we do the course via live video conference. Details below.

Leak Detection equipment

All the way from Germany, Sewerin are one of the world leaders of innovative technology in the field of leak detection and service location. They will have a product to fit the needs of your business. 

You won’t have to send your equipment to Germany for repairs and servicing. We have a certified Sewerin team who can carry out servicing right here in Australia. So you can be sure that your equipment is back in your hands fast. We also manufacture water and air mixing devices that make locating leaks faster and easier.

Ongoing Coaching

We offer 12 months of free over the phone coaching to any of our customers who complete our full day course. We are available to talk to you anytime.

Once they have attended our training, your employees can call us directly if they need any assistance while they are on the job.  

Live Video Training

We are certainly living in unique times. So we understand it may be difficult to travel to Brisbane to complete our training program.  That’s why we offer our training course online by means of a live video conference.  You heard it right, it is not a prerecorded course! You will have a full day session with our experienced leak detection trainer.

 Our trainer has been a licenced plumber for nearly 2 decades and conducting leak detections for nearly 10 years,  So he is able to train you in just about every field of leak detection you need.