How It Works

As mentioned above the AR100 mixes air from a compressor with the water from the mains supply to create an audible noise that can be heard with specialized sound listening devices. The AR100 internal manifold system achieves this due to supplying the water & the air in a fully controlled environment, to the desired water pipes without harming the existing plumbing or the equipment (compressors etc.) that is connected to it.

The AR100 is so reliable in its ability to create audible noise that it is capable of having leaks detected in water lines with leaks as small as 2 – 10 litres per hour. Being controlled the audible bubbling noise remains constant & gives the operator time to pinpoint exactly where the leak is.

The AR100 achieves 3 distinct purposes in the leak detection process:

1) Locates the water pipe lines due to the constant sound of the air & water travelling through them. (Elimination the need for water hammer devices)

2) Makes an audible sound, vibrates & pressure gauge needle fluctuates when air reaches leak. (You know when leak has been located & can start using listening equipment)

3) Locates the leak by audible sound at leak when air meets water.

Whilst it is nothing new to use air & water together to create an audible noise for leak detecting, the problem in the past has always been being able to control it. If you leave a compressor on without the AR100 device, you could over pressurize a water line & burst fittings, over work the compressor or even fill the compressor with water etc.. Because of the unique manifold system the AR100 controls the amount of air going into the water lines & will not allow any water flow back hence protecting compressor & the integrity of the water lines. We are able to control & run the water & the air at the same time.

Another common problem is knowing when the air has mixed with the water through the leak to make an audible noise. Many leak detection technicians start mixing the air from a compressor  connected straight to the water & put on their listening devices only to find no noise & then repeat the process again & again until they hopefully hear the noise. We have found that it can take as quick as a couple of minute to as long as 30mins or more before the leak has been found (air mixed with water). The AR100 makes an audible noise, vibrates & the pressure gauge fluctuates when the air has mixed with the water through the leak. You can then locate the leak with your preferred listening device while a constant bubbling noise is being generated. Remember there is no noise to hear without the air & water mixing together.

It is worth mentioning that with larger leaks the AR100 quite often blows up bubbling water out of the ground eliminating the use of even the listening equipment.

We believe at Global Leak Solutions that we have a developed a device that will aid in all forms of leak detecting water pipes from large to small & revolutionize the leak detection industry. We also have a fully commercial unit, the AR200 that can detect leaks in large mains & fire systems using exactly the same principles as the AR100. We also have a product that can realistically aid in water conservation not just in our own country but across the world.

If you are interested in our product for use in your own business or are interested in a future potential investment opportunity in Australia or overseas please do not hesitate to contact me. We welcome your feedback.